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Covet The Oven contains 20 new stories, some gritty, some witty, some smooth, about the head and the heart and about writing. In this second book of short stories, Jerome Mandel addresses loss and love, puzzlement and growing old, choices. In these stories cars break down, people make surprising announcements or do unexpected things, they die or don’t or can’t or sell metaphors. Some people fall in love, misplace love, lose love. We learn more about them than they do.

Selections from Covet The Oven:
“Dandelions,” a story of the heart. Read online or download a pdf.
“The Square in the Square,” a story of the head. Read online or download a pdf.

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Nothing Gold Can Stay
The 18 stories of Israeli experience offer an exploration into why some people go to Israel, who they may be, who they may find there, and who they may become. The title of this book recognizes that even the most precious and beautiful things in life do not endure. This world and all who inhabit it change for precisely the reasons Robert Frost ascribes in his poem: time, growth, error—no matter what choices humans make. Change is inevitable: children grow up and away; husbands and wives evolve and become different people; jobs sour; countries, like marriages, take new directions or fail. Nothing Gold Can Stay celebrates the gold we are at any passing moment.

Selection from Nothing Gold Can Stay:
“Third Time, Ice Cream,”  first-place winner of the P.E.N.-UNESCO International Short Story Competition (1997). Read online or download a pdf.

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